World environment day essay

Free Environment papers, essays, and research papers. The lyrics of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song are sobering. World environment day essay have we done to the world. While understanding the risks involved, human beings seem to care little about the environment.

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Every day that passes seems to leave the world with more to be concerned with, the ever-increasing pollution, the deforestation, and the threat of nuclear waste. Taking responsibility for the environment is a duty that Christians should commit to. In our days, mining for resources is inevitable. The resources we need are valuable in everyday life. Such resources mined up are coal, copper, gold, silver, and sand. However, mining poses environmental risks that can degrade the quality of soil and water, which can end up effecting us humans if not taken care of and many of the damages are irreversible once they have occurred.

Mines pose a threat to the environment. The disposal of dental amalgam, specifically the mercury component, has become a controversial topic in the past twenty years. Due to the concern this issue brings, many studies have taken place regarding the effect of mercury on the environment and in humans. The basic ingredients include silver, tin, copper and mercury. The environment of planet Earth is being harmed and the causes of environmental degradation are mostly man made. Natural resources are being exploited to provide energy, food, and technology for an ever-growing global population. The climate change occurring now, which affects every continent and ocean, has both human and natural causes.

The use of this video does not have direct sustainable outcomes as in it does not reduce waste because of its existence. But, it does educate the students so that they are not only aware of the issue but are able to make a more informed decision about their actions and the sustainable or non-sustainable ramifications they hold. By using other methods to dispense the information of changed protocol to the students, students may not be as interested or retain the information. Introduction: Air pollution can be defined as the harmful gases in the air that we breathe. Pollution can be caused by natural sources or as a result of human activities. Natural pollutants include: dust, pollen, smoke from forest fires, and bacterial and volcanic action.

Nevertheless, human activities are the main cause of air pollution. Currently, the number of vehicles on roads is constantly rising, leading to producing more pollutants. Humans have greatly impacted the global environment. Throughout the course of history, human populations have rapidly increased. Especially in Africa, these numbers have reached extraordinary proportions. Out of all the continents in the world, Africa’s population is increasing the most. The type of growth here is exponential.

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