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9 2 2 2 2-. 746 24 24 0 13. The nurse recognizes that which of the following items underlies the rationale for this teaching? The active substitution of normal cells in the cervix correlates to cancer risk. Undifferentiated stem cells are an early indicator of cervical cancer. Cancer of the uterine cervix develops incrementally at a cellular level.

Dysplasia in the connective tissue of the cervix is a strong precursor to cancer. Following a biopsy, a 54-year-old man has been diagnosed as having a benign neoplastic tumor. Which of the following characteristics most likely applies to his tumor? The tumor is poorly approximated and has the potential to break loose.

The tumor may secrete hormones or cytokines. The well-differentiated neoplastic cells are clustered together in a single mass. It has a rapid rate of growth and can induce ischemia. A nurse practitioner is teaching a student NP about the physiologic basis for damage to the circulatory and neurological systems that can accompany hypotension. Which of the following responses by the student would warrant correction by the nurse practitioner? As vessel wall thickness increases, tension decreases. Smaller blood vessels require more pressure to overcome wall tension.

The smaller the vessel radius, the greater the pressure needed to keep it open. Tension and vessel thickness increase proportionately. A child has been diagnosed with thalassemia. Which of the following other health problems is the child at risk for? A 31-year-old woman with a congenital heart defect reports episodes of lightheadedness and syncope, with occasional palpitations. A resting electrocardiogram reveals sinus bradycardia and she is suspected of having sick sinus syndrome. Which of the following diagnostic methods is the best choice to investigate the suspicion?

A nurse practitioner is doing the admission assessment on a patient who has been transferred to the floor after being diagnosed by the emergency room physician with bilateral pleural effusion. Which of the following findings from the nurse practitioner’s initial assessment of the patient is incongruent with the patient’s diagnosis, and would require further investigation? The patient complains of sharp pain exacerbated by deep inspiration. The patient’s breath sounds are diminished on auscultation. Pulse oximetry indicates that the patient is hypoxemic.

The patient complains of dyspnea and increased work of breathing. Which of the following phenomena has most likely contributed to the development of her health problem? UTIs coupled with an impaired immune response have caused her ADPKD. She has inherited a tendency for epithelial cell in her tubules to proliferate inappropriately. Severe hypertension and portal hypertension are likely precursors. She has inherited undersized kidneys that are prone to calculi formation.

A 16-year-old female has been brought to her primary care nurse practitioner by her mother due to the girl’s persistent sore throat and malaise. Which of the following facts revealed in the girl’s history and examination would lead the nurse practitioner to rule out infectious mononucleosis? The girl has a temperature of 38. Her liver and spleen are both enlarged.

Blood work reveals an increased white blood cell count. Chest auscultation reveals crackles in her lower lung fields bilaterally. A patient has been admitted to an inpatient medical unit of a hospital with an acute viral infection. The health care team providing care for the patient would recognize which of the following statements as an accurate description of the role of viruses in human infections? Viruses have limited or absent genetic material of their own. Some viruses are capable of transforming normal host cells into malignant cells. Viruses are often implicated in cases of transmissible neurodegenerative disease.

Viruses require stimulation after a latent period before they are able to produce symptoms. The nurse practitioner for a cardiology practice is responsible for providing presurgical teaching for patients who are about to undergo a coronary artery bypass graft. Which of the following teaching points best conveys an aspect of the human circulatory system? Your blood pressure varies widely between arteries and veins, and between pulmonary and systemic circulation.

Only around one quarter of your blood is in your heart at any given time. Blood pressure and blood volume roughly mimic one another at any given location in the circulatory system. Left-sided and right-sided pumping action at each beat of the heart must equal each other to ensure adequate blood distribution. Which of the following patients who presented to a walk-in medical clinic is most likely to be diagnosed with a rhinosinusitis rather than a common cold? A man complaining of general fatigue, a headache, and facial pain with a temperature of 100. A man with a dry, stuffy nasopharynx, a sore throat, and temperature of 98.