Why public health essay

Have you ever pondered why people involved in arts tend to be generally more intelligent and successful? The reason for this is being active in music, art, drama, ect. To get rid of these classes would why public health essay robbing our youth of a gift that will be at their disposal for the rest of their lives.

We need to keep these programs available for our children’s sake. To commence, I strongly believe that involvement in music and fine arts helps young people exercise their scholastic ability. When kids are in any extracurricular activity for that matter, they are much more focused on their grades in comparison to ones who aren’t. To be active in arts stimulates their mind and assists them in academic advancement. For instance, most people in band, chorus, or drama are honor roll students. Most teachers would even tell you that some of their best students are into one of these art forms. I think that says something about the academic integrity of these various classes.

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