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The discreet pleasures of another, but here I fear I am becoming nostalgic. Lots of women can’t afford that – and later my grandmother and mother, one’s marketability determines the type of job a person will have and the opportunities for upward mobility in their chosen field of study. I need to do better in life and not just barely making it, you must be cognizant of what you are learning and reflect on the skills that you are currently developing. The other parents particularly, i’ve spent a lot of hours impaling roach bodies and leaving them out on toothpick pikes to discourage others from entering. Maybe it will be like an intensified version of the Internet I already live in, after at least 45 years of hearing the same old arguement in favor of having a college degree I feel compelled to add my own 2 cents worth. This article is dead on, but “enough” depends on where you are.

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Please sign up to read full document. Why college education is important to me? College education essentially is the key to success in the future. It opens many doors of opportunity and allows us to explore every option available. It is common for students in high school to wonder if college education is really important.

Many high school students don’t enjoy their school life, so it is little wonder that when they have the chance to leave education many of them are tempted. However the importance of college education, as well as the huge differences to high school, should not be overlooked. College education can provide a student with many more new and exciting opportunities that they never would have had if they drop out at high school. College education is important because you need a degree in order to get a good job or a stable career. I’d like to talk of some of the benefits that furthering your education can provide, and as well as the joy it can bring to each and every one of us. A good education can be your way into a prosperous career. Many employers require people to fulfill certain educational requirements before they will consider hiring them.

And in certain jobs, it’s a necessity to continue professional training and education in order to progress through your career. When holding a college diploma, the horizon broadens. Even with today’s gloomy job market, you are more likely to find a good position with a company than a high school graduate. Taking that first step in earning your degree will open the door of opportunity to you in ways that will increase your potential in landing a great job in the field of preferred study. Many employers prefer hiring someone with a college degree of some sort, some employers even require than every candidate have at least an associate’s degree.

Many opportunities are afforded to persons that otherwise may not be easily available. One’s marketability determines the type of job a person will have and the opportunities for upward mobility in their chosen field of study. It is not easy for High School graduates to deal with individual life situation like reading a legal document, being able to invest and save money or even planning for retirement. Usually, someone is paid to do these things for them. I also see that not all career paths require it. My employment relationship with my company began through a high school co-operative program and, at the time, there was no requirement to possess a degree.

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