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How is the male population influenced by sexually violent content in magazines, video and pornography? Does pornography change the male attitude simple persuasive essay topics women? Pornography is a kind of cultural sadism where women become the victims of violence and rape.

Is pornography degrading towards women? Should society be a censor? Some people think that pornography is good, some think it is bad and some simple do not know what to think for they do not completely understand what is the exact definition of pornography. A lot of people, and especially women, believe that the very essence of pornography is the humiliation of the woman’s dignity. It is interesting to note that the attitude towards pornography with the gender of the respondent. So, once again, besides the morality issue, it is all about men arguing with women. Men tend to defend pornography from the desire of women to ban it absolutely.

It is really hard to imagine a man respecting a woman and feeling a thrill of joy just being next to her after having spent years watching how women have sexual encounters with several men, animals and other morally defective manifestations. Whether it is a perversion or not is not even the issue. The issue is that the moment these films start being exposed to large audience they start hurting the morality of the society and degrade the men’s attitude towards women. So, should it be banned? Miller standard of obscenity and therefore are considered to be appropriate .

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Indeed, they have nothing to do with sexual violence upon women, but are aimed at showing the beauty of the women’s bodies and therefore are erotically oriented. The underground nevertheless offers a wide range of pornography magazines with inappropriate pictures including violent behavior towards women and humiliating headings . Such video pornography is usually sold or rented and often include extra-violent tapes where women are hurt by being penetrated by unhealthy objects, raped, and forced to do humiliating things. So, basically saying, the tapes include obviously illegal acts of a sexual character. In such tapes women are depicted as sex objects for the satisfaction of men’s primitive sexual needs and entrained into degenerate conversations. Such hard-core pornography shows women being raped by several men or even beaten. It comes as no surprise that there are even pornography motion pictures having the NC-17 rating and TV pornography that is on special pornography channels on cable television.

And the worst thing is that such channels are almost never censored and may contain any type of violence. Internet pornography is a separate case for it has everything listed above. Cyber-porn offers online sex chats, pictures, movies and even online sex acts. The severity of Internet porn is horrifying. There is something for any perverted mind and the caliber of violence increases from site to site and the content even includes sexual deviations with children .

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According to the psychological regularities the process of being exposed to violence causes aggressive behavior. According to the psychologist Edward Donnerstein, pornography can truly cause anti-social behavior and aggressive attitude towards women. Men learn that forcing a woman to do anything sexual is appropriate . The negative shift in men’s attitude towards women is obvious. Women’s body has become a thing, an object, a tool to achieve sexual satisfaction in any violated forms even without her permission to do it.

The men’s attitude towards women changes and embitters. Being exposed to oral sex, anal sex, group sex, and sadomasochism gives its effects to the male viewer. Dolf Zillman revealed that pornography causes men stop feeling satisfied with their real-life sexual partners: their appearance and sexuality. The effect of adaptation occurs and the male needs a stronger and strong stimulus each time to make his sexual partner more appealing. Therefore women remain humiliated as they are ignored or forced to sexual perversions. The emotional side of any relations disappears leaving unhappiness and grief behind. Pornography undeniably is degrading towards women in the first place because being a sexual slave is not the predestination of women as human beings.