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Diwali Essay – Find Diwali Essays ideas fron this page. See more essays on Diwali festival and know more information about Diwali long essay on diwali celebration in India and Worldwide. Diwali is celebrated in honor of Goddess Lakshmi. In Mauritius, we celebrate Diwali with honor great devotion.

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We cook sweets like kanawla, gateau patate, tekwa, gulap jamoun and many other delicacies. At 6 pm we illuminate the house with candles and diyas. We pray, offer flowers, sweet and agarbathi. We also invite family and friends to add more joy to Diwali celebrations.

Diwali is a great festival to Mauritians! I remember when I was in class 1, I wrote an essay on Diwali. Well, Is it actually bringing light and happiness around? For most of us Diwali is just a synonym to a night full of crackers, noise and smoke.

All this is an amalgamation of gloom, darkness, despair, health problems, environment degradation and murk. We scare the birds to death, shorten the lives of children who are engaged in cracker factories, trouble the heart and hospitalized patients, burn thousand of rupees to ashes in the name of ceremonies. Do we have to pay such a heavy cost to buy a smile for ourselves? It is nothing but a sadistic pleasure to have moments of joy in exchange of mass havoc.

After all Goddess Lakshmi does not want us to dispel the darkness of amavasya in this way. Let us enjoy Diwali in its purest form by lighting lamps, offering prayers and by making this world a better place for you and for me and for the entire universe. Diwali, popularly called Deepavali in some parts of India, is a festival which we all long for every year. The preparations for Deepavali start long before the festival date. First, the excitement for us would be the new dresses that are bought to be worn for Deepavali. Since Deepavali is a festival for more than 2 days, we have 2 or 3 new dresses. Apart from this all elders visiting us buy us sweets and dresses also.

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