How to control pollution essay

How to control pollution essay words free sample essay on pollution In recent years the problem of pollution has become very acute. In recent years the problem of pollution has become very acute.

It is the industrialized west which takes it seriously, because it is suffering from its injurious effects. In India, sufficient attention has not been paid to it so far. If we do not tackle this problem now, future generations will suffer from the harmful effects of pollution. This problem assumes different forms such as Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, Noise pollution and Paper pollution. All this pollution results from the greed of man for getting more and more money. Trees have been cut down, on an unprecedented scale and large production by industrialization has assumed gigantic proportions.

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So the main cause of air and water pollution is unbalanced industrial growth and urbanization and deforestation. The owners of industries dump waste material on the surface of the earth or in rivers. So, water is polluted and the waste on the earth produces different poisonous gases which pollute the air. On the other hand, forests where purity air have been cut down and new cities and industries have been established in their place. The cutting of the forests causes what is called “The Green House Effects”.