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The care of the future is mine. Hunter is publicly funded, and there is no high school graduation essay topics fee. New York City, based on test scores. Hunter “the prestigious Upper East Side school known for its Ivy League-bound students” and “the fast track to law, medicine and academia.

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Publicly available data indicate that Hunter has the highest average SAT score, the highest average ACT score and the highest percentage of National Merit Finalists of any high school in the United States, public or private. Hunter was established in 1869 as “The Female Normal and High School”, a private school to prepare young women to become teachers. The original school was composed of an elementary and a high school. A kindergarten was added in 1887, and in 1888 the school was incorporated into a college. The school was almost closed by Hunter College President Jacqueline Wexler in the early 1970s.

Hunter was an all-girls school for its first 78 years, with the official name “Hunter College High School for Intellectually Gifted Young Ladies”. The catholicity and toleration crystallized in the country’s Constitution prevail in the college: about two hundred of the students are Jewesses, and a black face, framed in curly African hair, may occasionally be seen. The aim of the entire course through which the Normal students pass is not so much to burden the mind with facts as it is to develop intellectual power, cultivate judgment, and enable the graduates to take trained ability into the world with them. Girlie High Gets 1st Freshboys.

Hunter was the subject of the 1992 book Hunter College Campus Schools for the Gifted: The Challenge of Equity and Excellence published by Teachers’ College Press. Although most of the armory building was demolished, the armory’s facade, including two empty towers, was left partly standing on Madison Avenue. The school building itself, which faces Park Avenue, was constructed to resemble the armory. Because of its unusual design, including many classrooms without windows and the rest with only narrow windows, Hunter is called “The Brick Prison. Tony Fisher is the principal of the high school. Dawn Roy is the principal of the elementary school, and Lisa Siegmann is the Director of the Campus Schools. Admission to the high school is only granted in seventh grade, and is a two-step process.

New York City who have high scores on standardized tests are eligible to take the Hunter College High School entrance exam in the January of their sixth grade school year. New York City fifth graders for two reasons. New York City public school students score above the statewide 90th percentile on either test. Thus, of about 65,000 fifth-graders in New York City, only 2,500 will be eligible to take the test.