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This article is hauser global scholarship essay Chevening House. The nominee pays for their own private living expenses when in residence.

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The Government does not own the estate, ownership being vested in the Board of Trustees. The house is maintained not by public funds but by the income from the estate. Chevening House is not an official residence but, when the nominated occupant is a minister of the Crown, Government departments are able to arrange with the Board to conduct official business in the house. A garden to the south encircles a man-made lake. Board of Trustees of the Chevening Estate. Citizen Stanhope”, for eccentricity and political radicalism. Conservative MP before inheriting and served as First Ecclesiastical Estates Commissioner from 1878 to 1903.

Both his brothers made their careers in politics. The Nominated Person would have the right to occupy the house in a private capacity and would pay for their private living expenses. The Board of Trustees would maintain the house and estate by means of their stewardship of the estate, with no grant from the Government. The Act was passed with cross-party support and, as amended by the Chevening Estate Act 1987, governs the estate to this day.

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