Forensic psychology essay questions

Revision notes for the A-level psychology Forensic Psychology forensic psychology essay questions updated for the 2016 exam. Print them off for your reference. With these particular questions there is a sizeable risk that people don’t understand the difference between the questions, and then write about the wrong thing.

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What is considered a crime and how that act is dealt with varies considerably from culture to culture. Almost all research in forensic psychology can be considered ethnocentric as it is only relevant to the culture where the research was carried out. For example bigamy is illegal in the UK but not in all cultures. 14 in most other European countries.

Definitions of crime change over time. For example a parent’s right to smack their own child was outlawed in 2004. Homosexuality became legal in Britain in 1967. In the UK, it is against the law to have more than one wife or husband at the same time. Smacking children was not illegal before 2004 in the UK, but now can be a criminal offence.

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Referring to the statements above, explain two problems in defining crime. It is difficult to define crime, because definitions of crime are culturally specific. Whilst it is illegal to practice polygamy in the UK, it is not illegal some other countries. A further issue is that definitions of crime change over time, for example it was perfectly legal to smack your child in the UK before 2004, now it is against the law and public attitudes and perceptions have also changed. Official Statistics are government records of all recorded crime in the previous year, based on police reports. Official statistics lack validity as not all crime is reported or recorded by the police. For example, domestic violence against men is an under reported crime.