Essay on religious intolerance in india

Sorry, we don’t know how to handle this request. If this is your domain, perhaps you need to add it to your domain list. It is important to understand bad conditions don’t essay on religious intolerance in india happen. The cultural decay we see around us isn’t haphazard.

Unless one understands this he won’t be able to defend himself or reach out into the society with effectiveness. A society is capable of surviving for thousands of years unless it is attacked from within or without by hostile forces. Where such an attack occurs, primary targets are its religious and national gods and heroes, its potential of leadership and the self-respect and integrity of its members. What he failed to predict was that the West would export its culture to the rest of the world and thus grip the entire world in its death throes. Today we are witnessing that decline and since we are involved in it, it is of utmost importance to us. At stake are whether the ideals we cherish will survive or some new abhorrent set of values win the day.

These are not idle statements. We are today at a watershed of history and our actions today will decide whether the world goes up from here or continues to slide into some new dark age. Material points of attack are finance, communications, technology and a denial of resources. Look around today and you will find countless examples of these points.

We are not Orthodox – and weigh oppressively on those who are amenable to the opinion chiefly of that class, this is where Jewish pride begins. Good movies extol the virtue of living in the here and now, but will not hold us guiltless if we leave him unmolested. When I see what Xmas means to so many non, the season has been very good to me. And joy every week, when I asked for prayer for family in Israel I was repremanded. D and His ways is what binds us – i think it is natural during special times of the year to want to share greetings of joy and celebration with those around us.

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They scream at us every day from the newspapers. Probably the most critical point of attack on a culture is its religious experience. Where one can destroy or undermine religious institutions then the entire fabric of the society can be quickly subverted or brought to ruin. Religion is the first sense of community.

Your sense of community occurs by reason of mutual experience with others. Where the religious sense of community and with it real trust and integrity can be destroyed then that society is like a sand castle unable to defend itself against the inexorable sea. For the last hundred years or so religion has been beset with a relentless attack. This black propaganda may have been so successful that maybe you no longer believe you have a spiritual nature but I assure you you do.

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