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Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. Bureau of Meteorology CEO Dr Rob Vertessy. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has reportedly had its computer systems breached. The ATO’s voice identification system can be used with its app. A screenshot of Phoenix in action. Firefighters and planners are using an Australian-made bushfire simulator to help them do their job.

There are good reasons to connect a pacemaker to the internet, but there are risks as well. Marie Moe’s heart could be affected by a software flaw or attacked remotely by a hacker, but regulations and restrictions make it difficult to prevent. Code Club Australia says new funding will help it extend its reach into rural and regional areas. On the eve of its first birthday, an Australian non-for-profit facilitating digital literacy in school-aged children just received a million present from the federal government and the Telstra Foundation. Periscope, which Twitter bought earlier this year, allows anyone to live-stream an event through a mobile phone.

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Despite the risks, big brands are going ahead with plans to use live-streaming video to attract some of the most finicky consumers. Point of sales systems like the one pictured are being compromised by hackers. Retailers hunt for new credut card breaches after warning about malware that evades almost all security software. Igors Urvancevs allegedly siphoned money out Mr Forrest’s family bank accounts by installing a virus on a home computer.

Hacker linked through a Russian email address to the theft of a record 1. 2b credentials, the FBI court documents show. Hilton has advised customers to check their bank statements after a malware incident. Hilton advises customers to check their bank statements after malware incident. Liz Kaelin of food-tech startup You Chews.

Liz Kaelin was tired of eating sad sandwiches at corporate events. A trained dietician, Kaelin knew it was a waste of her day’s calories, especially in a city flooded with food options. A strong statement from one of the busiest and most powerful US executives on the importance of family time. Members of the security community have not been as positive about Kim Dotcom’s plans as he’d hoped. Eccentric entrepreneur’s ‘new private internet’ is ‘brittle, unforgiving and only applicable to very unusual people’, security expert says. Ten Australian companies receive grants from federal fund to commercialise innovative ideas. John Lyons and Team Melbourne at their work space.

Team Australia took away much more than a prize: friendships and stories to last a lifetime. William “Bill” Ready, chief executive officer of Braintree Payment Solutions. The proliferation of smartphones is presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity to introduce a new paradigm. Australian government agencies and organisations are increasingly vulnerable to a major cyber attack yet security has not evolved in more than 20 years, according to an international cybercrime expert.

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