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Crucial challenges and changes in the modern society have affected the reasons for marriages For example, marriage for getting independence from parents may result in loosening bonds Instead, more and more people will find the solution of their financial problems and satisfaction of their material aspirations outside of marriage much more successfully. As a result many people will economic issues essay topics for love outside of marriage, which is a threatening factor by itself. It is something very private. And it is very hard not to agree that the most important base for a marriage is love.

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What is marriage for Hollywood celebrities? Is love the driving force of getting married in Hollywood? These books show the way authors look upon marriage and love, betrayal and devotion. For instance, let us compare the visions of marriage we observe in three short stories: Raymond Carver’s “What we talk about when we talk about love”, Kate Chopin’s story “The Storm” and Irwin Shaw’s “The Girls in their Summer Dresses”.

It completely shows that the author has sexually-liberated vision of marriage. Irwin Shaw’s “The Girls in their Summer Dresses” continues shocking the reader by view on marriage of different people. The scene of marriage and separation are the things of my future focus. My adaptation of the Odyssey will be refocused on a husband and wife relations. Penelope’s rolls up the paper, shows the viewer how it crackles and crumbles just like the marriage of a person, slowly turning the paper to dust. Marriage has always been an integral part of the life of people all over the world. It goes without saying that marriage unites people and makes them very close to each other.

The perception of marriage is different depending on the country it takes place in. Unfortunately, the marriage perception often depends on the economic development of the country. Certainly the role of marriage in Indian culture is not ignored, but even widely analyzed in the book. The general concept of the contemporary Hollywood marriages.

The main complications of defining love and the love definitions of different authors. What is contemporary Hollywood marriage like? How do Hollywood couples get married? In what way are the old school marriage traditions different from the modern Hollywood marital traditions? What is the generally accepted definition of love?