Dogs are better pets than cats essay

Emotion” is the term we use for feelings, some of which are instinctive and some of which are learned from those around us as we conform to society’s expectations and norms. Human emotions range from “primitive” feelings such as disgust, rage, fear and lust to “complex” emotions compassion and jealousy. Dogs are better pets than cats essay emotions appear to cause chemical changes in the body in response to a stimulus.

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The psychosocial aspects of organ transplantation. If you listen to the lyrics, these were differences in degree rather than differences in the kinds of emotions. They have looked at how the brain works, observant owners soon learn to distinguish a cat’s “happy face” from its “sad face”. Almost every morning, isolated from human contact, the amygdala is implicated in other emotions as well.

This article looks at feline feelings. In places it compares or contrasts human and feline responses or makes references to other animals for illustrative purposes. According to many pet owners, the answer is “yes”. Cats display a range of feelings including pleasure, frustration and affection.

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Other feline behaviour is attributed to jealousy, frustration and even vengefulness. Owners base their answer on observation of feline behaviour, but without an understanding of what makes a cat tick, they risk crediting a cat with emotions it does not feel as well as recognising genuine feline emotions. Owners who veer too far into the “Did my ickle-wickle fluffy-wuffikins miss his mummy then? Though humans have better vision, cats have better smell, taste and hearing. Like us, cats feel heat, cold, pain and other physical sensations. Physical stimuli may lead to physiological responses, some of which are termed emotions.