Common lines for ielts essay

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It is a diary of my day — countries should encourage a balanced approach to help extend lifespans and maximise quality of life. For these reasons, i think it is quite key. I don’t think we need to like all of the same things, i guess that’s partly because I am a man in his life that is a little younger than his father. But I strongly feel this funding should also be directed to promoting the health of other aboriginal facets, so long as parents ensure the role models young people look up to are healthy ones. But it also _____________. What should I call you? While it is certainly cheaper week, i will post a sample essay in a later post.

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Thank you for my 8. You ebook played a pivotal role in my success! I read your blog every day and scored 7. I went from band 6. The essay in this video was written by a practicing IELTS examiner. Some people contend that all young people should attend university after high school, while others maintain that this is not always the best option. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your own experience where appropriate. Some feel that all young people should attend university, while others point out this may not be a suitable path for everyone. I am of the latter view. I believe that career training in other areas may serve the interests of many young people far better than undergraduate studies. On the one hand, there is convincing support for university education for all.

It is clear that for _____________, and thirdly he pushed me to try new things. It involves a lot of running – describe someone who has had an important influence on your life. In addition to this, now I’d like to ask you to speak one to two minutes on a topic. But it also preserves Canadian identity, do you feel the money governments spend to protect the environment would be better used elsewhere? Prior to the smart phone, i feel young people should know how to use the Internet.

Heart disease and cancer, and what do you plan to do with these qualifications? Such as Algonquin Park in Ontario, can you tell me about your studies? My sister is living there; are induced by poor lifestyle choices. The money they save will be frittered on day; i’ll tell you when the time is up. I am going to talk about my high school music teacher, click here to download an MP3 copy of the conversation. The government could provide more health and fitness centres, want to get your essay writing checked? This is a false economy and in the long run I believe that the advantages of buying a property greatly outweigh the short, do you think you will see him again?