Causes of ww1 essay

This paper shows the basis causes of ww1 essay non-disjunction of chromosome, a failure of chromosomes to separate properly during cell division. It emphasizes particularly on how the reproductive cells or gametes is created during reproduction.

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The gametes of women are eggs and of men are sperms. When the egg and the sperm combine during fertilization at conception, they create a normal offspring with the proper number of chromosomes of 46. Nondisjunction occurs when these chromosome fail to segregate and can cause common abnormality of having an extra chromosome or missing a chromosome in its cells thus creating an offspring with chromosome abnormalities of 45 or 47. DNA molecule and proteins that present in every cell of the body. It also carries portions of the hereditary information needed for that cell to develop. Homologous chromosomes are chromosomes that occur in pairs. Normal humans have twenty-three homologous pairs.

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