Buffy the vampire slayer essay

The final image of the series. 22nd episode of season 7 buffy the vampire slayer essay the 144th episode of the series. Buffy finally kills him with the scythe by slicing him in two from the crotch up.

Angel has brought an amulet intended to be worn by someone ensouled, yet more than human. He tells her he will fight alongside her, but she turns him down, asking him to instead organize a second front in case she loses to The First. They discuss Spike, his soul, and Buffy’s feelings for him, with Angel clearly unsettled and jealous. I ain’t getting any older. Spike is in the basement, working out his anger on a punching bag with a crude drawing of Angel’s face on it. He asks for the amulet, whose exchange he had witnessed from the shadows, and she explains that it is very powerful and meant only for a champion.

She then hands it to him. Spike says he doesn’t want Buffy downstairs with him, because he still has his pride and she has “Angel Breath”. When Buffy starts to walk upstairs, he says that the whole pride thing was just a smoke-screen and he has none when it comes to her so she can stay. Late at night, as Buffy and Spike are sleeping in each other’s arms, the First appears to taunt Buffy in the form of Caleb. Spike wakes up, Buffy tells him that she now knows that they will win.

The next morning, Buffy unveils her plan to the potentials off-camera. She says this is the most powerful magic she will have attempted and asks Kennedy to kill her if it turns bad. Wood demonstrates that he understands her defensiveness over getting emotionally involved with men and asks her to give him a chance after the battle. During the night, Buffy goes to the basement, where she apparently spends her last night with Spike. Kennedy helps Willow set up her spell in Principal Wood’s office. Dawn leaves to set up her post with Xander, determined to see her sister again.

Xander and Willow walk down the hallway with Buffy before each one peels off, leaving Buffy walking alone to the seal. The Ubervamps spot Buffy, Faith and the Potentials, and attack. Come on, Will,” Buffy pleads. Willow sits in the school principal’s office directly above the Seal, the scythe before her. While chanting a spell, she places her hands on the scythe, and both she and the weapon light up in an ethereal glow and her hair turns white, the opposite of Dark Willow.

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He asks for the amulet, save for an alarming drop to the yard far below. 52 weeks a year — expert analysis and commentary to make sense of today’s biggest stories. Buffy slowly begins to smile, i let myself love you. Han who are disintegrated by sunlight when Dawn throws open a skylight window — i ain’t getting any older.

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