Billy elliot discovery essay

Free billy elliot billy elliot discovery essay, essays, and research papers. The musicals Billy Elliot and Grease present both conventional and unconventional representations of gender throughout. Both musicals also seem to obscure the message of the underlying gender stereotyping issues by overshadowing them with elements such as music, dance and costume.

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Men have been stereotyped as dominant, strong, brave and aggressive. Also there is an image of men being portrayed as harder workers than women and supposedly the more intelligent gender. Men are thought to be physically tougher, more aggressive, more rational, better able to handle sex without love, and more likely to be successful at work by virtue of their greater will to win. Everyone has that motivator, the one that pushed them to better themselves. In the film Billy Elliot, directed by Stephen Daldry, the motivator is Ms.

She was the one that pushed Billy to be the best that he can be, she pushed him to follow his dreams and not let anything get in the way. She represented a mother just like the one that Billy had recently lost. The film is successful because the audience sees Mrs. Wilkinson not only as a motivator and a mother-like figure but also as the spark that started Billy Elliot’s dancing career.

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Sometimes it can take years before people realize what their dreams are. In the film Billy Elliot, directed by Stephen Daldry the audience gets to experience the road that Billy Elliot took takes order to achieve his goal. Wilkinson, whom played a huge role in his path to discover his dream of becoming a ballet dancer. If it were not for Mrs.

The film, Billy Elliot, is about the social and personal crisis and the everyday life during the era of Margaret Thatcher. It is also about the social differences and stereotypes which still exist in the society. In this research paper I will analyse various roles in the family and the relationships of the characters in Billy Elliot during era of Thatcherism. I will focus on Billy’s relationships with people who somehow influence him from his grandmother to his ballet trainer. We can explore the political and cultural background of Thatcherism to understand the events in the film.